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  1. Bass

    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    Exactly, Baxter.
  2. Bass

    The Social Thread: Houde Ain't Gettin' Some Tonight

    Haven't heard from Tog on social media and realised he may be active here. Then I realised how long it's been since I was last here. Ought to rectify that.
  3. Bass

    Fantastic Four Reboot

    You should be in charge of hollywoodland.
  4. Bass

    Miracleman (Marvel)

    Re: Marvel to Publish Miracleman! CHAMELEONS??!?!?!? CHAMELEONS?!?!?!?
  5. Bass

    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    Hilariously, the forum ad I see right next to that strip is for ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.
  6. Bass

    She-Hulk series (Soule & Pulido) SPOILERS

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol: I'll take a look at this based on the recommendations, though.
  7. Bass

    Fantastic Four Reboot

    I just hope this brings us closer to a FANTASTIC FOUR movie where Christoph Waltz plays Doctor Doom.
  8. Bass

    Miracleman (Marvel)

    Re: Marvel to Publish Miracleman! I'm not digging the recolouring. I wonder why. I get that it's clearer, and indeed, the older ones don't look great. But I just seem to enjoy them more. The new ones seem... dull. Lifeless. I wonder why I feel that way about them. Sometimes I just wonder.
  9. Bass

    Ice's intervention

    Kathryn Immonen? This will probably be a rather fun flight of fancy. :)
  10. Bass

    Robocop Remake

    I agree a bit with E - I think ROBOCOP is overrated. It's not terrible, but it's really not that great. Unfortunately the new version seems to have removed the key draw of the character that he is a robot that used to be a man. In the trailer, he seems to be far far too human. When he screams...
  11. Bass

    Miracleman (Marvel)

    Marvel to Publish Marvelman! Hah! I'd have nothing to add.
  12. Bass

    Movies of 2013

    I know what you mean.
  13. Bass

    Breaking Bad Discussion (Spoilers)

    What he said.
  14. Bass

    IRON MAN 3 discussion (spoilers)

    The PTSD resolution is when he takes on the Mandarin without the suit. It's a sub-plot, like the illness in SPIDER-MAN 2. I agree they could have made it be more relevant in the climax. It could have been a nice turn if he had a panic attack after the mark 42 fell to pieces.
  15. Bass

    How does the Ultimate Universe compare to other alternate comic universes?

    True. The trilogy was a nice bow to tie up the marvel universe.
  16. Bass

    Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand (Bendis/Bagley)

    Ultimate nullifier on the ultimate universe?! Crazy enough to work!
  17. Bass

    Breaking Bad Discussion (Spoilers)

    I know they're trying to make it look like its going to go all SCARFACE at the end. I really hope it doesn't. I got so wound up with THE SOPRANOS just ripping off THE GODFATHER for its last season. I love love love how the first episode picks up directly from the last without any time jumps. I...
  18. Bass

    James Tynion IV welcomes you to The Comic Board

    Facebook has ruined us all.