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    Is Batman's origin pivotal to comic book history?

    nosee what I did here?
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    So What's Happening, Guys?

    Okay, I think I get it.
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    So What's Happening, Guys?

    I was feeling a bit of the old nostalgia. How's tricks these days?
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    Comic Book Pitch Extravaganza

    Oh the memories!
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Rumors, and Discussion

    The big Spider-Man rumor seems to be that he cameos in Civil War. The big Avengers rumor seems to be that it ends with Cap forming a new Avengers team in the wake of Tony's mistakes. If those rumors play out, I guess Spidey's appearance would pivot on the Ultimate Universe subplot where...
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    DC Post-Convergence

    I think it's the most interesting line-up I may have ever seen from DC or Marvel. They won't all be hits, but it's nice to see them trying new things, and the approach to continuity being "Whatever works sticks around and what doesn't doesn't", if it works the way Didio said (and I doubt it)...
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    NBC's CONSTANTINE (Spoilery discussion)

    Re: NBC's CONSTANTINE I don't have the link offhand, but Guillermo Del Toro has said he's not adverse to the possibility of his JL Dark series fitting into the continuity of this show.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    It happened pretty damn frequently in Arkham City too. I hit quite a few glitches, whereas Origins has run without a hitch for me. And Rocksteady had the keys to the kingdom, with plenty of development time, experience, and an engine they had built. If we're going to blame the studios, I think...
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    Dream X-Men team?

    Wolverine Lady Wolverine Snikkty, the Wolverine-Hound Cowboy Wolverine Vampire Wolverine Arctic Wolverine With Removable Parka and Real Working Harpoon Gun, For Ages 6 and Up Post-Apocalypse Time Travelin' Wolverine
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    And it's a problem that was also present in the Rocksteady produced games. I lost my save file in Arkham City on three separate occasions. It's frustrating as hell, but it seems to be some inherent bug in the system that WB isn't particularly keen to pay to have fixed. Yeah, I mean Origins...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Are we going to pretend that publishing companies don't set unreasonable expectations or move the bar halfway through production? Or that unexpected problems arise and it's the responsibility of the people who hold the money to loosen the purse strings to make sure the product comes out at a...
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    Batman - Arkham Knight

    I'd like to see more multiplayer introduced in this series. Not in terms of competitive or even co-op, but in terms of asynchronous content. Rocksteady has stated in the past that open world Batman doesn't really work. i.e. they need the story to take place over a compressed period of a few...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    That still doesn't mean the studio is to blame. If their QA team didn't have the time to address all the bugs or the production team didn't have the time to properly learn the intricacies of the engine, that's a budget problem.
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    Dr. Strange - MCU Film

    **** origins. I'm so sick of them and would be so happy to see them done away with for the time being. Ant-Man seems to be splitting the difference by leaving Pym's origin out of it and making it about Paul Rudd just jumping on in. I'd love to see Strange just do away with it altogether. And...
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    Marvel: Your Universe Thread

    If we're talking about Marvel's biggest sellers through the years, it's clearly not those three guys. From nearly the start, Spider-Man has been the face of the company, and for decades, Wolverine and the X-Men were their biggest faces. I don't think it's any coincidence that those are the...
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    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    Solaris, the Living Sun was an under-funded and unfinished attempt at a migrant vessel for Krypton in case of planetary destruction. The Doomsday probes were genetically designed creatures intended to survive practically any environment and serving as scouts to find the Kryptonians a new...
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    Moon Knight (Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey) - Spoilers

    I'm not sure. DMZ and Northlanders were great, but Wood's company-owned stuff hasn't impressed me too much. Plus, the whole sexual harassment accusations have soured me a bit to him.
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    The Legend of Zelda General Discussion (Spoilers may apply)

    Dynasty Warriors is a series of action games that replicate the historical battles of ancient China. You pick a general and relive epic battles. There will be a huge battlefield stuffed with your army and the enemy's army and your goal is to hack through enough of them to win the battles...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    It might not be WB Montreal's fault. Origins felt like a game that was rushed to production as a band-aid between Rocksteady releases. Knowing that, and that WB Montreal is a fledgling studio it strikes me as highly probable that the lack of patching was less a decision by Montreal and more an...
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Rumors, and Discussion

    I haven't seen Cox in anything, but D'Onofrio as Kingpin is brilliant. I'd be over the moon if these shows told a collective ensemble story with the prominence of the various characters shifting to fit the needs of the story.