1. Ice

    New York Comic Con 2011.

    Convention starts on Thursday and both DC & Marvel have said they have major news to announce. Anyone besides DSF and I who will be attending? I will only be there on Saturday, which my comic shop guy keeps telling me is a bad idea because how busy Saturdays are. But if I survived Saturdays...
  2. ProjectX2

    Most Anticipated Films of 2011?

    The Playlist has created a good list, consisting of 100 films in three parts: one, two, and three. What are you looking forward to?
  3. Ice

    The 5th Annual Comic Board Awards: Nominees Thread

    This thread will be used for people to post their choices on which nominees should go in what category. Please note that every nominee will not make it to the final choices as I and others will decide what will be the official nominees. If there are any other awards that you think should also...
  4. ProjectX2

    Easter 2011

    Chocolate, eggs, rabbits, Jesus, blah blah blah.