1. Grocer Man

    Xerxes: Prequel/Sequel to Frank Millar's 300

    A prequel/sequel to the classic comic, starring everyone's favorite politically incorrect god-emporer. http://comics.ign.com/articles/109/1094423p1.html Of course, the most important question is whether the homoerotic subtext will stay.
  2. Victor Von Doom

    300 [movie discussion; spoilers]

    And lo the Gods answered their lowly servant's prayers.... :D SuperHero Hype Article 300 Official Site The transition (cosmetically) from comic to film looks great. And while I understand that they need to flesh it out a bit longer for film reasons......I'm super hyped...
  3. Ultimate Gambit

    300 (Frank Miller) [SPOILERS]

    Frank Miller's 300 I was just looking around on the sight and noticed an amazon add for a graphic novel called 300 written by Frank Miller. And I was wondering if anyone else knew what other books he has done like that and sin city and if anyone had read that book?