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  1. Ice

    Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Goes Back to YEAR ONE for New Mini-Series May 2014 will see a five-part story called The Amazing Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl that will run side-by-side with the main Amazing Spider-Man series. Released as a five-part mini-series with numbering of Amazing...
  2. Gemini

    Avengers Avengers/Invaders series discussion

    didn't see a thread for this so, I came across an upcoming cover that looks pretty damn swett ****ing Mighty Avengers
  3. Ice

    Captain America Returns with Alex Ross.

    The big secret from Marvel is that Captain America is coming back. But no, not Steve Rogers. Captain America. Steve Rogers, the Sentinel of Liberty, was cut down in a hail of gunfire in March's CAPTAIN AMERICA #25. And whether or not you agree with the decision, he's still dead. But a...
  4. Fredrik Martinsson

    Alex Ross' "Avengers/Invaders."

    Speculation about the Cap image is over. Avengers/Invaders is on. This COULD be good. If it's not the way they bring Cap back. We already had the return-from-the-past-with-timetravel-from-before-death with Captain Marvel.
  5. SSJmole


    Preview Picture could this be like Kingdom Come? It sounds similar to me and has the same great art.
  6. Planet-man


    I couldn't find a thread about this for some reason. I've been re-reading it over the past few nights and I'd forgotten how good it was. It's the perfect ode to Marvel's golden age(60s - 70s, with a great throw-back to their universe's origins with the Sub-Mariner and the original "Human...
  7. bluebeast

    Justice Society of America discussion (Spoilers!)

    Is anyone else reading this? I think it's just as good as JLA right now and the characters are great. What I'm excited about are the little teasers they gave us at the end of issue 1 with the JLA/JSA team-up, Kal-L returning, The Leagion of Superheroes and KINGDOM COME!
  8. Planet-man

    I have a new favourite Alex Ross painting.

    Honestly, how awesome is that? He can make anything look dynamic. I would proudly hang this on my wall if I could afford it. P.S. Feel free to post your favourite Ross art here as well.
  9. E

    Universe & Paradise X hardcovers?

    OK, even though I have the TPB, I ordered the Earth X hardcover, assuming that they will also release the Universe X and Paradise X in HC form also. Has anything been rumored or announced about this?
  10. sax_russell_the_green

    Paradise X discussion (spoilers)

    Well, since there's thread for the other parts in the series, and I couldn't find a thread for the third, I figured I'd start one. The first thing I want to talk about is the seemingly absurd pricing for the TPBs online. A search of Google results in prices exceeding a hundred dollars. One...
  11. thee great one

    Universe X Discussion *Spoilers*

    I finally finished Universe X. Wow. It was brillant. Once again I character I never cared for was written so well that I like him now. Captain Marvel. The death of Captain America was sad. The moment he appeared in death's realms with his army was amazing. I wanted to start...
  12. Ice

    Kingdom Come (Spoilers)

    I don't find a thread for this, so if there is one, just let me know. Anyways, I'm reading my friends TPB of this, and so far I'm on chapter two. And all I have to say is: This is f***ing AMAZING! The story is just really, really good. It's great that I can just pick this up and...
  13. T

    Alex Ross' Justice

    Anybody following the new Alex Ross series, JLA:Justice ?? I just finished the first issue and it is looking to be another grandslam series for Ross. any thoughts?
  14. selfproclaimed

    Earth X (No spoilers)

    this is also true in earth x...where parker wishes he was with gwen when under the illussions from the spiders-man. but now i forget what the bigger point i had was. dang it all.
  15. TheManWithoutFear

    Earth X (spoilers)

    All right I just finished reading it... I don't know where to begin... If anyone wants to discuss throw something out here and we'll get this started...