1. J

    these Anime Powers are fantastic

    Hey there, fellow book and anime enthusiasts! Guess what? I stumbled upon something awesome called the Random Power Generator! It's a super fun tool that lets you create your very own superpowers inspired by all our favorite fiction stuff, like anime and manga. you can generate a lot of...
  2. O


    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about attending Anime Midwest this year. It's supposed to be in Rosemont from July 5-7. Has anyone been before? What's it like? Worth the trip?
  3. O

    We should try guys!

    Can I get your attention please?? are you interested in Conventions? YES? then Why.. if No? then you should try!
  4. animeadept

    First time anime convention - need tips

    Hey everyone, I'm super excited because this year will be my first time attending Anime Midwest 2024! I can't wait to dive into all the action. I'm looking forward to checking out the amazing cosplays, catching panels with voice actors and creators, and doing some exclusive merch shopping. I've...
  5. T

    Comparing Anime to Western Animation

    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread about comparing anime to Western animation. How do they compare, what are their strengths and weaknesses in regards to each other, etc.
  6. ProjectX2

    Marvel Anime

    So Warren Ellis is writing anime for Marvel and Madhouse Productions. The currently announced titles/shows are Iron Man and Wolverine. Bizarre.
  7. ourchair

    Ourchair's Awesome Anime Thread've decided to start a thread to promote the awesomeness of anime, especially since there is so much ambivalence toward the stuff on the board in general. It's sad really, because now that Marvel and DC are busy trying to...