birds of prey

  1. C

    Black Canary Comics Recommendations

    What Black Canary comics do you recommend I read?
  2. McCheese

    Dream-Teaming Round 11: Ladies' Night!

    Okay, you're an assistant editor at the comic book publisher of your choice. You're boss comes in and tells you to drum up some roster ideas for a team-book they'd like to set-up for a future creative team to write. He asks for a proposal including: The roster of the team, The driving idea...
  3. Seldes Katne

    Looking for comments on "Birds of Prey"

    Does anyone here read this series, or has anyone picked up and read any of the trades? One of the later TPBs was reviewed in a recent issue of Library Journal, and I was wondering how the series was as a whole. Also, is it necessary to read the trades in set order, or are they pretty much...