black panther

  1. E

    Black Panther: Man Without Fear discussion (spoilers)

    So, despite not really wanting to, I read Daredevil #513 - aka Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513. I hated it but I didn't hate it. The thing is that this would be a fine - maybe even a good - Black Panther story. BP is trying to find himself, for lack of a better term, after destroying...
  2. Zombipanda

    New Black Panther Cartoon to Air on BET

    the channel that's broken unprecedented ground in lending a voice to African-Americans by pouring malt liquor on big asses. Here we go. Boy, I know I can't wait. Maybe Cam'ron will provide a voice.
  3. TheManWithoutFear

    The Black Panther Movie News

    I'm really looking forward to this. I hate Wesley ever since those reports on Blade III but I think this character and the movie about a leader of a country protecting his people by being a superhero really will be awesome.
  4. Friday

    Black Panther series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Okay, I just picked up the first 2 Black Panther trades by Chrispopher Priest (The Client and Enemy of the State) and I really dug them. Now I need info from the always more informed than I members of Ultimate Central. Basicly, are there more trades, and is there a new Panther series on the...