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  1. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Carnage Returns! EDIT: Also... Zeb Wells:
  2. D

    Ultimate Spider-man: War of the Symbiotes (#123-128) (Spoilers)

    Marvel posted a summary on the symbiote characters and has preview with no dialog of the upcoming arc.
  3. SSJmole

    Venom Vs Carnage

    I picked this up today. Yes it's old but there was no thread for it when I searched. First thing first Clayton Crain did a fantastic job of the art. It was the best art I've seen in a comic for a while. The story - I liked it. Sure it as an exuse for another venom and carnage fight but...
  4. SSJmole

    Maximum Carnage *spoilers*

    Yes it's an old series but I like to talk about the comics I buy. I searched for topic about this and only found 2 ultimate maximum carnage threads. taken from marvel zombies thread I was so wrong. Never has anyone been so wrong since that one Trojan "oh come on let's keep it it's just a...