1. Friday

    Fatale - Brubaker, Phillips - Image - Spoilers

    So I know E is looking into it, and we all know I bought it. Anyone else get it? What've we got in the first issue? An writer, his reporter/writer "uncle", an apparently unaging woman named Josephine, a group of identical, unaging men that look like buffer versions of the BTAS Clock King, and...
  2. Friday

    Criminal (Brubaker) - series discussion (spoilers)

    Brubaker/Phillips Criminal IS starting to get ramped up. We've got a 5-page trailer HERE. No, its not a traditional preview, but 5 original ages just for setup. I'm stoked. Bru and Phillips did a hell of a job on Sleeper, and this looks like a grittier, unpowered story in that vien. Anyone...