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  1. TheManWithoutFear

    X-Men: 198 (Discussion/spoilers)

    Re: What is "198" (House of M spoilers?)? Is there a thread for this? I loved this comic. I read it yesterday when I took a break from flyers. Stopped in an LCS and picked it up. Hine's definitely one of my favorite writers. So much District X carrying over.
  2. TheManWithoutFear


    So I got the first trade today. I love this book it's so noir, it's awesome. I'd like a little background on Bishop if someone would care to tell me what his deal is. Well I'm not much of a discussion starter just a contributor so I started this thread just so it exists. Let's talk about...
  3. TheManWithoutFear

    Daredevil: Redemption series discussion (spoilers)

    Daredevil: Redemption On the slim chance that any of our members have picked this up today... A Daredevil Mini that might actually get completed... (I know it's early but it will get done) Anyway what did the readers think of this?