1. Ice

    Deadpool movie rumors/news discussion.

    Official suit and logo for the movie revealed.
  2. E

    Rob Liefeld Calls at Least 25 Creators Marvel D-List

    This is pretty much the greatest story ever. And he thinks Jeph Loeb is something other than D-list?
  3. Ice

    Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.

    CULLEN BUNN KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (WITH DEADPOOL) This August, Wade Wilson becomes even more lethal and loquacious in Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic's 4-issue "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe." Covers:
  4. Ice

    Marvel's "5 Ronin" (Peter Milligan)

    MARVEL'S NEXT BIG THING: "5 RONIN" Marvel's Next Big Thing actually involves five things—or five people, rather. Wolverine, Psyclocke, the Punisher, Deadpool and the Hulk star in the upcoming five-issue, weekly miniseries "5 Ronin." The title re-imagines the quintet of heroes as masterless...
  5. Issued

    Deadpool - Merc with a mouth (Universes Clashing!)

    I know Marvel is breaking down the Ultimate Universe but, won't 616 universe and ultimate universe collide when Deadpool reaches the zombie Deadpool head? Zombieverse clashed with Ultimate universe very early on with Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 ((which was by the way one of my favorite...
  6. Void.M

    Deadpool Movie thread
  7. Fuzzy Birds

    The Deadpool Thread (there be spoilers within)

    I was first introduced to Marvel comics in the early 90s, in particular bargain bin back issues that my brother had purchased in second hand stores. Growing up on the over muscled, over gunned, over boobed and under plotted stories of the time was not ideal, and if it wasn't for the potential I...