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    Marvel Unlimited digital comic subscription service is out NOW. GAME CHANGER.

    Marvel just released an all-you-can-eat digital comics subscription service. It's an app for iPad and iPhone and the app is free but the service is $10/mo or $60/yr. Gizmodo has a really good review of the service here. Here are some key points: It's only on iOS for now, but will be...
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    CBR/CBZ reader recommendation: iComics

    iComics website iTunes link I just wanted to make a recommendation for a iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch comic reader because it's the first good one that I've found. I've tried a whole bunch of them including Comic Zeal and Comic Book Lover and iComics is the best. THe best part about it, by far...
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    Digital comics

    Marvel released a few titles in digital format today for the iPhone across 3 different apps. One of the apps sells them for $.99 each, the other two for $1.99 each. Some of the books include the first 30 issues of Brubaker's Captain America, X-Men Age of Apocalypse, Whedon's Astonishing X-Men...