doctor strange

  1. Ice

    Doctor Strange ongoing series (Aaron/Bachalo)

    Doctor Strange Gets a New #1 From Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo After Secret Wars Thor writer Jason Aaron and veteran X-Men artist Chris Bachalo will team for Doctor Strange, launching after the events of Secret Wars, Entertainment Weekly reports. "We wanted a Doctor Strange who...
  2. Void.M

    Doctor Voodoo

    Anyone else looking forward for this book? I personally can't wait.
  3. Bass

    Why I Should Write Dr Strange (warning: swearing)

    From the blog of MightyGodKing, comes more reasons why he should be writing comics! This time, it's Dr Strange! More to come, I'm sure...
  4. Ice

    Spider-Man Brendan McCarthy on Spider-Man/Doctor Strange mini.

    Just saw this on Millarworld: McCarthy is working on a three-issue Spider-Man/Doctor Strange mini (which means it'll be the longest McCarthy comic ever). From the creator's website.