1. Jozaca

    id Software Shared Multiverse - Timelines

    Commander Keen = 9365B8 Wolfenstein = E25041 DOOM = FBA026 Rise of the Triad = D1D5D8 Heretic/HeXen = 2C82C9 Quake I = A38F84 Quake II = 61BD6D Quake III = F7DA64 Classic Universe (WIP) ???? ???? Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders Episode 1: City of the Damned - Map 1: The Docks Heretic...
  2. Ultimate Houde

    Doom's a Dick

    For those old people here, know the antics of our beloved Victor Von Doom. A young man in the service, who slept with various females, and finally paid the price by getting on pregnant in Virgina. Well guess what? Doom's a Dick. With a capital D, like in Delaware, or Dover, or even...
  3. Victor Von Doom

    Doom's Special Lady of the Day

    Mmmmm…that’s right. Come on in…have a seat…pour yourself a glass of Courvoisier…and get ready to meet Doom’s Special Lady of the Day. It’s no secret that Doom loves the ladies. And Chris Powell. But look at him…he’s almost pretty enough to be a woman. Behold…Doom’s Special Lady of the...