1. E

    The Death and Return of Superman (spoilers: he comes back to life)

    Recently I found a torrent of the entire Death and Return of Superman saga and downloaded it. I've been reading it over the last week or so. (Note for the morality police - I own most of the individual issues as well as the Death and Return Omnibus) Everything about this story is dated. It...
  2. SSJmole

    Superman: Doomsday [spoilers]

    I just found this by mistake on IMDB it says it comes out 18 September 2007 and has Bruce W. Timm doing it. (it's not a follow on to animated series) Cool I wanted to see this as a film now I will as an animate film. How I found it was I looking...
  3. thee great one


    Well I downloaded some Doomsday issues to decided if I should get the Superman-Doomsday Onimbus. Wow. Just wow. Doomsday is a cool villain but wtf were they doing with him. First, the Hunter Prey mini. I never read something so awesome and horrible at the same time. I mean it was awesome to...