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  1. Ice

    Peter Griffin's Top 10.

    Yes, it's old. But this deserves its own thread and needs to be revived. I know E and Moony will love #2. Enjoy
  2. Steve GMan

    Simpsons vs. Family Guy

    I hear constant comparisons between the two, how the shows (mostly on The Simpsons' side) have a sort of rivarly, and that many people hail Family Guy as better than Simpsons. I was just wondering everyone else's opinions, because while how the shows are now, I would say that Family Guy...
  3. Ice

    Family Guy Discussion (Spoilers)

    So tomorrow at 9 p.m., the new season of Family Guy begins. And to kick things off, here's a clip from tomorrow show: Click here for clip from Yahoo! Tv And there's another one on the official site: