final crisis

  1. Ice

    Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion: Which mini was better? knew this was coming. I've been planning to make this thread since last year....then FC had to go and have more and more delays. But which mini series was the better? Or which one do you think is the "lesser evil?" Who put out the better event mini - DC or Marvel? You tell us!
  2. Ultimate Houde

    Why I think J'onn J'onnz is Where Morrison Wants Him To Be

    Just so people know, this contains spoilers to both Final Crisis and DC One Million. Though the later one has been out for ages now. In the first Final Crisis, and later, in the One Shot focusing one what the heroes did with him, we see Martain Manhunter, J'onn J'onnz bite the dust. He gets...
  3. Bass

    Final Crisis series discussion [spoilers]

    So I read #1. It's pretty ****ty. I liked the caveman stuff. And that was it. Main because it's not "Final Crisis #1" but rather "The DC Universe #567" and I've not read the last 100 issues of that particular title. Oh - and Rubbish.