greg pak

  1. thee great one

    Incredible Hercules *Spoilers*

    I've seen the love this book gets on the site. I thought he had a thread. I do enjoy this. I never like the Hercules character but Pak writes him pretty well. I do find the idea of some of the God's of Earth going to fight the Skrull Gods very awesome.
  2. E

    Planet Hulk (no spoilers)

    How was Planet Hulk? The premise of the story didn't interest me at first but I am a little curious now. No spoilers please.
  3. TheManWithoutFear

    The Incredible Hulk general Series discussion (Spoilers)

    Another one E missed. But I've been hearing rumblings over the net that next summer's event is going to deal with the big green and it's call "Planet Hulk". Anyone with any information on this?
  4. J

    Phoenix: Endsong discussion [Pak/Land] [spoilers] Am I the only one who's psyched about the potential return of the Stepford Cuckoos to the limelight, even if it does mean Quentin is back from the dead? I wonder Sophie coming back would herald the return of... Esme? Was that the other...