jae lee

  1. E

    Before Watchmen - discussion, speculation, rumours, and spoilers

    I don't know how much stock can be put in this, but it's astounding to think someone would commit artistic suicide and be part of this:
  2. thee great one

    Jenkins/Lee's Inhumans

    I picked this trade up cause of their work on The Sentry. This was really good. I never cared much for the Inhumans but this was very good. Black Bolt is a great character. I loved the use of Namor also. Lee's art was beautiful and very fitting. Jenkins is one hell of a writer. You should pick...
  3. Ice

    Avengers Sentry series discussion [Jenkins/Lee] [spoilers]

    I finished this TPB today, and OMG, it was totally worth reading!! Man, thanks E for the reccomandation! Now [I] recommend it to everyone!! One question, E. I'll put it in invisotext. SO people, you have been warned! If at the end of the TPB, he forgot himself again, when did he kill...