j.g. jones

  1. E

    Before Watchmen - discussion, speculation, rumours, and spoilers

    I don't know how much stock can be put in this, but it's astounding to think someone would commit artistic suicide and be part of this:
  2. Bass

    Final Crisis series discussion [spoilers]

    So I read #1. It's pretty ****ty. I liked the caveman stuff. And that was it. Main because it's not "Final Crisis #1" but rather "The DC Universe #567" and I've not read the last 100 issues of that particular title. Oh - and Rubbish.
  3. eroz

    Wanted (Millar/Jones) series discussion [SPOILERS]

    Just picked up this comic, Wanted #1 by Millar. So far its sounds pretty good. anybody else reading this? How are the other issues? Is it worth getting the rest?