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  1. Iceshadow

    Avengers Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis (2010)

    So the first arc's villains might be the Next Avengers. HA! The issue itself is ok, it's mostly set-up. The art alternated between good, and ugly (a.k.a. any close-ups of women's faces).
  2. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man "New Ways to Die" discussion (#568-573) (spoilers)

    I'm still geeking out over Part 1 of "New Ways to Die". Slott and Romita Jr.; can't get any better than that. (Sorry, but I like JRjr.) I hope the quality of Brand New Day will be permanently raised after this arc, 'cuz I can't imagine it going back to new villains every month like it has been...
  3. the watcher

    Ultimate Captain America & Ultimate Hulk Annuals?

    Yes it's true Jeph Loeb in a interview over at says that there will be an Ultimate annual for not only Captain America but the Hulk as well... read more here:
  4. ProjectX2

    Kick-Ass series discussion (Millar/Romita Jr.) (spoilers)
  5. Ice

    X-Men: Endangered Species Discussion (Spoilers)

    Did anyone else pick this up yesterday? I got it and it was a very good story. There are no fights, no brawls of any kind, but it is the set-up for the backup stories that will begin to run starting next week in X-Men #200. Here's part of a review (with spoilers as well) from Newsarama...
  6. E

    I've changed my mind about Stuart Immonen... I think he's great and I really like his style. At first I thought it was just because I really like Nextwave, but I realized that I like his Ultimate X-Men stuff now too. Except for when he made Wolverine look like Michael Jackson, but I can excuse that.
  7. Dr.Strangefate

    Eternals Series Discussion (spoilers)

    Who picked this up today? Everybody love it as much as I did... Cuz I thought it was ****ing AMAZING.
  8. Bass

    Avengers Sentry: Reborn discussion [Jenkins/Romita, Jr.] [spoilers]

    I got this today and I have to say, I was blown away. Considering how good the original Sentry mini by Jenkins (who is also doing this mini) and considering how invented Sentry and the Void and everything - I was just completely blown away by how much it sucks. This mini was just ****ing...
  9. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man general series discussion (spoilers)

    I've changed my mind on this arc, I'm starting to really like it!! Here's the link: I'm pretty sure we can't post spoilers in this thread. :D