john totleben

  1. Friday

    Saga of the Swamp Thing #21-64 discussion [Alan Moore] [spoilers]

    So has anyone else read Swamp Thing? And I don't just mean Alan Moore's run on the title. We've had good to great runs by Rick Veitch, Mark Millar, Andy Diggle, and one really bad one by Brian K Vaughn. I've been itching to re-read my collection of TPBs and Singles lately, unfortunatly my...
  2. Bass

    Miracleman series discussion (spoilers)

    Who has read this? It's outstanding. You can't buy the bloody thing. The issues (Alan Moore did #1-16) can't be found, and if you can, they're very expensive. The collected editions are even rarer and more expensive. You gotta download them. But they are so worth it. They are so...