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  1. Ice

    Marvel's "5 Ronin" (Peter Milligan)

    MARVEL'S NEXT BIG THING: "5 RONIN" Marvel's Next Big Thing actually involves five things—or five people, rather. Wolverine, Psyclocke, the Punisher, Deadpool and the Hulk star in the upcoming five-issue, weekly miniseries "5 Ronin." The title re-imagines the quintet of heroes as masterless...
  2. Ice

    Necrosha (New Mutants/X-Force/Legacy) Crossover [Spoilers!!]

    Read the Chapter 1 one-shot. It was completely awesome! Full of epic moments, or at least, one hell of an epic cliffhanger! With the issue, it officially reveals that Selene is indeed older than Apocalypse, from what I understood. After a flashback of when she was born, it goes to present time...
  3. thee great one

    Punisher MAX Discussion #61+ (Spoilers!)

    This is the new discussion thread for the first arc POST-Ennis. I was very scared that about how well this could be after Ennis leaves. I read 61. And it was......very very good. It was a very great set-up for an arc. Very well-written, I felt bad for the victims. The Punisher...