legion of superheroes

  1. lantern

    Adventure Comics discussion (spoilers)

    So I never read any of the previews in the back of the books. But this week had a Adventure Comics #1 preview which I check out due to my enjoyment of Conor Kent. It was really awesome art with the start of a very good story. This is the weird part Adventure is suppose to be 1/2 Superboy 1/2...
  2. Iceshadow

    Dream-Teaming Round 5: The Legion of Superheroes

    Copied and pasted from the last one: Okay, you're an assistant editor at the comic book publisher of your choice. You're boss comes in and tells you to drum up some roster ideas for a team-book they'd like to set-up for a future creative team to write. He asks for a proposal including: The...
  3. Bass

    Why I Should Write The Legion (Warning: Swearing)

    From MightyGodKing I present his awesome ever-growing series of reasons of why he should write the Legion of Superheroes. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. The first 10 reasons. Click on any to see the full examination of the first 30.
  4. Zombipanda

    Legion of Three Worlds

    So, Geoff Johns and George Perez are doing a five-issue tie-in to Final Crisis with three different versions of the Legion teaming up to fight Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Super-Villains, and apparently Brainiac..... and LEx Luthor? It's supposed to be the 31st Century Crisis. Here's the...