1. Grocer Man

    And thus began Alan Moore's adventures as a Japanese schoolgirl. I think that the fan-book also has a lady Neil Gaiman as well. If a version of Grant Morrison shows up, I vote we find a bunker.
  2. Iceshadow

    Top 10 Favorite Manga Currently

    Why not? We have one for regular comics. Mine are in no particular order: 1)One Piece- The Prison Break arc is great, and it's a nice change for the story to be focused on one character rather than the whole crew. It's the unique characters and varied locals that really make this book stand...
  3. Ice

    Wolverine & X-Men: Now Manganized!

    "Maganized" © Ice Words, Inc. And to the actual report brought to you by Newsarama: X-MEN AND WOLVERINE: THE MANGA From the New York Anime Fest - Marvel and Del Rey have joined forces to produce new OEL manga starring Wolverine and the X-Men... ----------------- Today at...