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  1. Ice

    Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand (Bendis/Bagley)

    Or: How Galactus doesn't look to be coming back to 616. From Marvel's Ultimate Comics Panel at SDCC: Loew then exclusively announced: “Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand,” from Bendis and Mark Bagley, a Galactus-centric story where the heroes of the Ultimate Universe not only will discover...
  2. E

    Fantastic Four by Fraction/Bagley (spoilers)

    Well, #1 is out today. The best part about it is that Bagley's art isn't as bad as it's been or as I've been expecting this will be. The opening plot is that Reed discovers that the unstable molecules that make up his body (and likely the others' as well) are decaying. When was it established...
  3. E

    Brilliant by Bendis & Bagley (spoilers)

    Did anyone else pick this up? I was really looking forward to it. It is the most boring thing I've read in a while. And that's saying a lot, because I read most of the New 52 books. It is so decompressed that I can't be sure what the plot is. I've never seen anything like that. It looks like...
  4. Ice

    Mark Bagley returns to USM. Yay or nay?

    Starting in March, Mark Bagley returns as the penciler to Ultimate Spider-Man once again after previously drawing the title with Brian Michael Bendis for over 100 issues. Good thing? Bad thing? WHO WILL LIVE AND DIE IN THIS..... wait, no. That's a whole different story. Or is it....?
  5. Ice

    X-Men: Endangered Species Discussion (Spoilers)

    Did anyone else pick this up yesterday? I got it and it was a very good story. There are no fights, no brawls of any kind, but it is the set-up for the backup stories that will begin to run starting next week in X-Men #200. Here's part of a review (with spoilers as well) from Newsarama...