1. Dancanread

    Spider-Man Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

    Couldn't find a thread for this, and since this abomination is actually happening, here we go. For those unaware, this December, the Spider-Man musical will be opening on Broadway, with music by Bono and the Edge of U2, and directed by Julie Taymor, who is famous for her creative but bizarre...
  2. Grocer Man

    A Very Potter Musical

    Some drama students at the university of Michigan put together a Harry Potter musical. It's got stuff like the epic bromance of Voldemort and Quirrell, Dumbledore's obsession with a Zac Efron poster, and Malfoy trying to transfer to another wizard school. On Mars. So yeah, it doesn't take...
  3. Dancanread

    Spider-Man Spider-Man. The musical. I'm not kidding.

    Spider-Man. Julie Taymor. Bono. W. T. F. :scared: I'm really not kidding.