new mutants

  1. Grocer Man

    New Mutants Forever

    Remember Claremont's X-Men Forever? Now he doing the same thing to the New Mutants with a five issue miniseries! Headmistress Selene. ...I'd say "cool," but I know nothing about her. So I'll just say I'll pick this up...
  2. Ice

    New Mutants [Vol. 3] (Discussion/Spoilers)

    SKOTTI! LET US REJOICE!!! :rockon:
  3. Ice

    Young X-Men (Discussion/Spoilers)

    So the series starts out with Donald Pierce fighting the new set of X-Men. After someone dies, turns out it's a dream- a dream by Blindfold. The precog created by Whedon from Astonishing X-Men (first appeared in the 'Hellfire' arc). So it's not really just a dream, but a vision of the future...