paradise x

  1. E

    Universe & Paradise X hardcovers?

    OK, even though I have the TPB, I ordered the Earth X hardcover, assuming that they will also release the Universe X and Paradise X in HC form also. Has anything been rumored or announced about this?
  2. sax_russell_the_green

    Paradise X discussion (spoilers)

    Well, since there's thread for the other parts in the series, and I couldn't find a thread for the third, I figured I'd start one. The first thing I want to talk about is the seemingly absurd pricing for the TPBs online. A search of Google results in prices exceeding a hundred dollars. One...
  3. TheManWithoutFear

    Earth X (spoilers)

    All right I just finished reading it... I don't know where to begin... If anyone wants to discuss throw something out here and we'll get this started...