resident evil

  1. Jozaca

    Resident Evil Non-Canon Universes - Timelines

    This Thread is here to make space for the other Resident Evil Thread, don't comment anything, if you have any questions ask in the other thread. The thread is totally incomplete, so, in fact, I would prefer if you pay no attention to it until I finish the Canon Thread and start working on this...
  2. Jozaca

    Resident Evil Canon Universe - Timeline

    Classic Universe = E25041 Remake Universe = 54ACD2 Both Universes = 9365B8 Short Short Series ?x??, "Episode Title" Series ?x??, "Episode Title" Movie Chapter ?? (?:??:??-?:??:??) Comic #??, "Issue Title" (Pg. ??-??) Manga Part or Chapter ??, "Part or Chapter Title" (Pg. ??-??) Video Game...
  3. Ice

    Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

    Looks very interesting. Can't wait to get it.
  4. DIrishB

    Resident Evil (video game series)

    Any Resident Evil fans on the boards? I really got into the series about five years back, when Resident Evil 0 and the remake of the first game came out for the Gamecube. After thoroughly enjoying those, I picked up the direct ports of RE 2, 3, and CODE: Veronica X for the Gamecube. I only...