ricky gervais

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    The Invention of Lying

    http://uk.movies.yahoo.com/features/exclusive/ The film is set on an alternate Earth where no one has ever lied, and stars Ricky Gervais as a performer who tells the world's first lie, coming to wield its power for personal gain. Featuring Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, Louis C.K., Jonah Hill...
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    I've talked about them before. Ricky Gervais. Stephen Merchant. Karl Pilkington. Probably the funniest men alive. Definitely the funniest people I know of. Their podcasts are hilarious. Before they did podcasts, they worked on a small radio station called XFM. These shows are also good...
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    Ghost Town

    http://www.ghosttownmovie.com/ Ghost Town. Ricky Gervais seeing dead people. I can't wait.