scarlet spider

  1. Ice

    Spider-Man The Scarlet Spider & More.

    NYCC: MARVEL'S "AMAZING SPIDER-MAN" PANEL As "Spider-Island" infests the NYC of the Marvel U, Marvel Comics brings the creators of the event and the entire Spider-Man line to New York Comic Con to announce "The Scarlet Spider" and more.
  2. E

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Remember Ben Reilly?

    Via Marvel: HELLZ YES.
  3. Gemini

    Spider-Man Spider-Man: The Clone Saga series discussion (Yep you read that right)

    Starting in September Marvel will be pulling another "X-Men Forever" by letting Tom DeFalco and Howard Mackie (with art by Todd Nauck) re-tell the Clone Saga as it was originally intended. The series will run 6 issue's. Linkage...