1. Planet-man

    "Immortal" Jellyfish?

    Immortal Jellyfish Swarm Over World. This is so cool. Not only can it potentially live on ad-infinitum, but it keeps turning back into a kid, reaching maturity, maiting, and turning back into a kid again. And the story will either result in an encouraging Houde-reinforcement or a...
  2. Ultimate Houde

    Why Science is Awesome

    I shouldn't need to explain this, but here's why science is awesome, presented in a comic format. SCIENCE! Kicking ninjas in the face since 1923.
  3. Planet-man

    Discovery Channel - The First Time Machine This is fascinating. I wonder how long before it becomes a reality.
  4. Ultimate Houde

    The Secret Life of Cows

    Jonathan Leake, Science Editor ONCE they were a byword for mindless docility. But cows have a secret mental life in which they bear grudges, nurture friendships and become excited over intellectual challenges, scientists have found. Cows are also capable of feeling strong emotions such as...