steven spielberg

  1. ProjectX2

    Super 8

    There is a secret trailer attached to Iron Man 2. It is for a movie written and directed by JJ Abrams. It is produced by Steven Spielberg. It is called Super 8. There has been a lot of speculation and discussion about what it is about (it's not Cloverfield 2) - it's apparently a tribute to...
  2. ProjectX2

    The Pacific

    AxPLqKH0qws The new WWII mini series by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Band of Brothers is probably the best TV mini series I've ever seen so I'm really looking forward to seeing if this one is even better.
  3. Jaggyd

    Old Boy Remake

    Wtf.... Will Smith isn't just making Karate Kid, he's remaking the Korean thriller, Old Boy.;_ylt=AreG1EMj4kY.0sFMy11mK1BxFb8C