the simpsons

  1. Ice

    The Simpsons (Discussion/Spoilers)

    Did we not have a thread for the show itself for the new seasons (and I dont mean about the movie or DVD for old seasons)? Anyways: A very BIG surprise for a lot of comic fans!!! A *MUST* read!
  2. the watcher

    The Simpsons Season Eight. gives us the first look at The Simpsons Season eight DVD Collecters set. To hit store shelves August 15th. Price: $49.98 U.S. Episodes to include: Disc One Treehouse of Horror VII You Only Move Twice The Homer They...
  3. Steve GMan

    Simpsons vs. Family Guy

    I hear constant comparisons between the two, how the shows (mostly on The Simpsons' side) have a sort of rivarly, and that many people hail Family Guy as better than Simpsons. I was just wondering everyone else's opinions, because while how the shows are now, I would say that Family Guy...