the walking dead

  1. ChrisBloodyard

    Depths of Savages (Motion Comic) A Series Inspired By Resident Evil 4 & The Walking Dead

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a comic series inspired by Resident Evil 4 & The Walking Dead Episode 1 can be found here Depths Of Savages Episode 1 I'm currently working on Episode 2 (it's going to be epic :cool:)
  2. J

    The Walking Dead - Timeline

    I've been saying I'm going to do a Walking Dead timeline for years now. So here it is! As of right now, all I have done is the simplified watch/viewing order of the shows, but I definitely plan on working on a detailed "DIrish style" chronological order. I hope any other Walking Dead fans will...
  3. T_Montalbano

    The Walking Dead (TV series)

    The Walking Dead is an American monthly black and white comic published by Image Comics beginning in 2003. The comic was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, whom was replaced by Charlie Adlard from issue seven onward. Moore continued to do the covers until issue twenty four...