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    Spider-Man Torment (Spider-Man #1-5 by Todd McFarlane)

    I find it hard to read anything by Todd McFarlane after the whole Miracleman thing with Neil Gaiman but I picked up the Torment story a while ago and am in the process of reading it. I never read past the first issue. I'm torn as far as how I feel about it. On one hand the art is awesome. I...
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    Spawn general series discussion [spoilers]

    Does anyone read Spawn anymore? I thought it was pretty decent when it first came out, but I lost interest around issue #20 or so. I did enjoy the fill-in issues written by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Dave Sims, and...I don't remember. I've been picking up the large collections that have been...
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    McFarlane & Kirkman!

    They really are working on something after all. From Lying in the Gutters: KIRKMANIA "I understand a Todd McFarlane/Robert Kirkman project will be announced at the Todd McFarlane panel at SDCC."