ultimate fantastic four

  1. T

    Should the Ultimate Fantastic Four Comic Return?

    Most of the other major Ultimate titles (Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men) have returned in one form or another, so should the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic return? Also if you do think the UFF title should return, what changes should be made to it?
  2. the watcher

    Ultimatum X-MEN/Fantastic Four: Requiem

    here are the previews of the last Ultimate X-MEN and Ultimate Fantastic Four stories. In the Ultimate Fantastic Four we get to see Johnny's story of what happened to him in Ultimatum. And in Ultimate X-MEN we get to see what happened after Ultimatum for them. Ultimatum Fantastic Four...
  3. T_Montalbano

    Is Einstein actually the Man-Thing?

    i dunno if anyone's come up with this theory yet or if this theory's been answered already, i haven't read all the comics for the Ultimate Universe yet, i plan to in the near future, the only way i've been readin' issues is through Marvel Digital Comics and of course they haven't digitized...