1. Ice

    Burn Notice (Discussion/Spoilers)

    So now I'm watching the replay of season 1 on USA (Thursdays 11pm EST). I have to say that when the show first came out I really wasn't interested in it. I didn't hate it, but I just didn't feel like watching it. Then a few weeks ago I see the pilot one morning. And then I watched the...
  2. Ice

    Psych! (Spoilers)

    Last night's episode was great. I think my favorite line was when Shawn had that green shirt and said after coming back into his father's house, "A little girl just cried when she looked at this shirt." :lol: Having their 5th grade bully who was taller then them be shorter by almost 2 feet...
  3. compound

    WWE [speculation, spoilers]

    Between the appearances of Marty Janetty and Jake The Snake, this week's episodes of Raw and Smackdown had so much old-time/legend nostalgia factors, I was starting to believe WWE hired Chris Claremont to book their shows, hehehe. So... let's have some Wrestlemania predictions to kick off...