1. C

    Favourite Venom adaptation

    What is your favorite adaptation of Venom? Why?
  2. 0

    Venom 2 and Toxin Appearance I honestly don't know for sure if Toxin can appear. What I read made sense. It would be cool to see Toxin help Venom fight Carnage.
  3. S

    Venom 17 Absolute Carnage Arc

    Issue 17 of Venom starts of with Spider-Man, Venom, his son, etc all at Ravencroft, fighting carnage zombies. But I cant figure out how. Do they explain it later in the issue? I stopped reading for fear i skipped something. All the tie-ins Ive read: Absolute Carnage #1 Absolute Carnage...
  4. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man "New Ways to Die" discussion (#568-573) (spoilers)

    I'm still geeking out over Part 1 of "New Ways to Die". Slott and Romita Jr.; can't get any better than that. (Sorry, but I like JRjr.) I hope the quality of Brand New Day will be permanently raised after this arc, 'cuz I can't imagine it going back to new villains every month like it has been...
  5. D

    Ultimate Spider-man: War of the Symbiotes (#123-128) (Spoilers)

    Marvel posted a summary on the symbiote characters and has preview with no dialog of the upcoming arc.
  6. Ice

    Spider-Man New Venom mini-series.

    LITG: Angel Medina has revealed at WizardWorld Texas that his next work is going to be a six issue Venom limited series, in a "Year One" style. Medina states that in the first proposal, Venom would only actually appear in issue 6, but it's now been rejigged so he first appears in issue 2...
  7. SSJmole

    Venom Vs Carnage

    I picked this up today. Yes it's old but there was no thread for it when I searched. First thing first Clayton Crain did a fantastic job of the art. It was the best art I've seen in a comic for a while. The story - I liked it. Sure it as an exuse for another venom and carnage fight but...
  8. SSJmole

    Maximum Carnage *spoilers*

    Yes it's an old series but I like to talk about the comics I buy. I searched for topic about this and only found 2 ultimate maximum carnage threads. taken from marvel zombies thread I was so wrong. Never has anyone been so wrong since that one Trojan "oh come on let's keep it it's just a...
  9. SSJmole

    Venom movie [pre-release discussion]

    I remember reading a year or 2 ago that another stuido has the rights to make Venom the movie. Now I thought at first how can you do venom with out spider-man? Then I thought what if they have decided to wait till spider-man 3 comes out. Venom is in that. then a year later Venom the movie...
  10. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Spider-Man Venom

    Eddie Brock cut open his wrists, and is currently "dead" and Scorpion wears the symbiote. I was wondering before they probably rejoin the symbiote with Brock somehow, what would people reckon of a story arc about the symbiote leaving Gargan, and doing some kind of body hopping story? Peter is...