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    Marvel's Avengers (2020) - Timeline - Reading Order

    This is a complete timeline of the Marvel's Avengers (2020) video game series and its tie-in media in chronological order, with placements chosen to give the best possible reading order for new players. Currently this includes the upcoming game, its prequel novel and prequel comics. I will...
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    Characters We Need To See In Spider-Man 2 (PS5) I would love to see Sandman and definitely more Kingpin Kingpin is the most classiest villain who knows to remain calm in any situation and it's a whole different kind of badass.
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    Paul Dini would like to write for a Superman video game

    This is interesting, Paul Dini would like to write for a Superman video game:
  4. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man: Edge of Time

  5. SSJmole

    Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

    Debut Trailer More info
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    Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer F.A.Q.

    Heavy Rain INFORMATION Heavy Rain is a PlayStation 3 video game developed by French studio, Quantic Dream. The game was directed by Quantic Dream's founder and CEO David Cage, who also wrote and directed the studio's two previous games, The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit. SCHEDULED RELEASE DATES...
  7. Grocer Man

    Bioshock 2

    I think I posted a teaser video in the first thread. Anyway: nj2hewPBQh0 An image of the Big sister from the CameInformer cover, and a viral marketing site: *All information...
  8. Gemini

    Playstation 4 ....Coming with 3-D?!?!

    Came across this here aparently at the consumer electronics show in Los Vegas Sony is runnning demo's of Motorstorm Pacific Rift and others, in full 3-D (you know with the glasses), and allegedly it looks amazing. They are mum on the specifics...