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  1. Ice

    Wizard World Philly '08- The Main Thread.

    http://www.wizards.com/global/images/WWPhiladelphia_sm.jpg The Wizard World Convention Tour hits The City of Brotherly Love once again. With the con already in full swing, WWP is in its 2nd day now, with news still coming out left and right. Final Crisis! X-Men Manifest Destiny! Joe...
  2. Hibiki

    Wizard World Dallas: Memoirs of a Comic Book Nerdette

    I figured i'd go ahead and make this thread now since I can no longer wait to tell you guys about it and to create anticipation for such a lackluster event. To sum it up until a elaborate: Narutards!, Fat rogue!, Orange Green Lantern chick with Hal Jordan, Scarecrow, Latino Batman and...
  3. Ultimate Houde

    Wizard World Chicago 08

    Since everyone is talking about it now, I figured we should actually have a thread made for it. According the Wizard World website, the dates for the next Con are June 26 through June 29, 2008. So far, we have going Ultimate Houde Victor Von Doom DIrishB Joe Kalicki E Bass Seldes Katne...
  4. Victor Von Doom

    Wizard World Philly Diary '07.

    Re: The Official Wizard World Philadelphia 2007 Thread We're all up in this *****... We lost TOG. Then we found him. And several loudy angry disparing voicemails where left on Ice's cell by Doom. Details to follow. Doom was also met by his friend Illy mid-day. Several bottles...