1. Issued

    Deadpool - Merc with a mouth (Universes Clashing!)

    I know Marvel is breaking down the Ultimate Universe but, won't 616 universe and ultimate universe collide when Deadpool reaches the zombie Deadpool head? Zombieverse clashed with Ultimate universe very early on with Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 ((which was by the way one of my favorite...
  2. Wash


    Just read an article on CBR about this series. [http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=19557] Sounds kind of interesting. Title is pretty stupid though. I kinda wanna read it but I'm having reservations. Anyone have any thoughts? I can't recall having read anything by Marc...
  3. T_Montalbano

    Zombie Cop

    This January, Image Comics Shadowline shows what happens in one cop's final days amongst a zombie apocalypse in the full-length graphic novel, ZOMBIE COP! “ZOMBIE COP is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time,” writer Jeff Mariotte said. “The idea of the honest, driven cop trying to...
  4. Friday

    Left 4 Dead

    First person Zombie shooter. With up to 4 person co-op team play online. By Valve. I just played the demo off Live a bit ago and it was decent first person, but the team aspect seems like it'd be a blast. Who's in when it releases? Gamespy Archive Official site
  5. Ice

    Spider-Man vs Marvel Zombies (Yes, it's true!)

    From the same article talking about Marvel Alliance 2... In addition to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, the next next Spider-man game, after this fall’s Web of Shadows, will allegedly be entitled Spider-man vs. Marvel Zombies. The game is said to take place in a possible future, 2149, where...