Arrowverse / DC-CW Timeline (v 3.0)

Found a mistake

I'd love it if James Gunn allowed Justice U to happen as a 10 episode series on MAX; just to wrap the loose ends left by Arrow or Black Lightning.

Tie the Shadow Board and Odell to the Ninth Circle from Arrow and have them responsible for William's kidnapping + JJ's pre-Crisis memory restoration. There's nothing, judging from my research, that could in any way conflict with those loose ends by converging them into one story. Or even adding an episode featuring the Legends getting freed and another with Batwoman and the zombie dude at the end of her show.

The Flash season 9 ended this universe (for now) with a big whimper. I'd hate for these remaining plot points to be left unresolved forever tbh...
All-Star Team-Up should be listed after Suicidal Tendencies in the viewing order. Also, I think the ending of Suicidal Tendencies needs to be directly before the next episode of Arrow but still set after All-Star Team-Up. I could be wrong, but that's what I remember.
I have a complete timeline of the DC multiverse and arrowverse in chronological order if anyoneone wants to have a copy of it. If so just email me at [email protected] and I will you the timeline
They are filming scenes for S&L's s4 premiere during the snowy weather in Vancouver (I guess good timing if that was planned ahead of time?).

There is definitely a time jump. My guess: 8 months to January 2023.

I'm guessing as well Superman is missing and they're doing some form of the Alan Moore storyline "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow".
I think the "Superman" we see mysteriously reappear in season four will be this one, with damaged memories. (You can't have Tyler not within the main cast, in SUPERMAN & Lois, if the main Superman is missing. They're gonna work around that I figure.)
(After being taken from his pre-Crisis Earth by Magog in the Earth-Prime tie-in comic; then dissipates to unknown whereabouts after Magog is defeated.)

So yeah, they might be doing the whole "Is this the real Clark?" with this Superman who clearly isn't a good guy.
Cyborg Superman? We'll see.


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