Batman Begins or The Dark Knight?

Batman Begins or The Dark Knight?

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Batman Begins is a better Batman film, because it's actually about Batman
Also, there is one element I think BEGINS got much better: Gotham City.

In BEGINS, Gotham City looks like Gotham City. In THE DARK KNIGHT it looks like... Genericville. It annoys me because Hong Kong in the movie has more character than Gotham does. To me, that's a mistake I hope they rectify somewhat in TDKR.

This is another thing that makes me enjoy BB more. I don't even think the more Gotham-y Gotham felt fake; I was impressed by how real and believable it seemed as a different, distinctive old US city.

I'd also file the "Batcave vs Not-Bat-At-All Bunker" issue under this category. Even if they couldn't justify having the mansion rebuilt by TDK, any sort of converted old tunnel system, sewer, subway maintenance area, something that was dark and cool and full of character and that didn't have an entire ceiling made out of glaring fluorescent lights would've made the movie that much more satisfying and Batman-like to me.

The fact that TDK wanted to use the potential Batman's world has to explore the politics and ethics of the "Black Knight" concept in modern society.... *deep breath*.... is a great idea and all, but it feels like that wasn't the plan from the beginning of the series and, as the concept grew on them, they jettisoned a lot of what they'd set up in the first film. I'd almost like to see both a different, "real" sequel to BB and a different, "real" prequel to TDK. Not because I find the two films impossible to reconcile - far from it - but because it feels like those are two lost stories that could really be good.
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises: Rumors and more.

Batman Begins is a better Batman film, because it's actually about Batman... But I don't think you can argue that Begins was technically a better movie than TDK.

I've said this eight million times. Absolutely agreed through every roof in an apartment building.

While nowadays I'm leaning more towards TDK as being my overall favourite of the two, for a long time BB definitely was. Mostly because it was more of a straightforward superhero film, while still being revolutionary in the genre. I also think it looks a lot more like a Batman film than TDK did.

From the cinematography, to the plotting, to the performances, I think TDK wins.

Hang on no, I don't agree with that.

First of all, Ledger was very, very good. He wasn't as masterfully life-changing as people say he was, but he gave a very good, villainous performance.

But aside from that...were the performances that good? Gyllenhaal was brutal and really dumbed down the film in certain parts. Nothing about her was convincing at all. Every second she was onscreen, I thought she was an actress in a film I was watching, rather than a character in a story that was happening. Katie Holmes wasn't great in the previous film, but she at least had bags more chemistry with Christian Bale.

Aaron Eckhart seemed great the first time I saw the film, but afterwards I felt he dipped into over-acting in some scenes.

Gary Oldman was excellent; Oscar-worthy even, even if he did have a few accent-fails in some scenes. Caine and Freeman were on top-form as well, but to be fair, they were playing the 'wise old sage' characters they play in every movie nowadays.

Has no one else ever been irritated by the bad bit parts and extras in The Dark Knight? Everyone I've watched the film with has commented on how silly the guy who says "Let's put it to a vote!" is, not to mention "No more dead cops!" and "They made there choice when they decided to murder and steal!". There was far less of this in Batman Begins.

Christian Bale was very good in The Dark Knight. But he was Christopher Reeve good in Batman Begins. He was truly extraordinary in every scene. And his voice sounded a lot better in Begins, compared to the awkward 'Bat-lisp' in TDK.

Liam Neeson was captivating, haunting and one of my favourite screen villains. Caine had far more to do in Begins and was delightful.

The only performance that annoys me in Begins is Tom Wilkinson as Falcone. Eric Roberts did this part a lot better in TDK by not drawing attention to himself.
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I always thought they only destroyed a portion of the monorail in Begins, as opposed to the whole thing. Not that it really matters that much.
I like Batman Begins considerably more. First as a matter of preference for its more classic, adventure-filled story and the way it portrays "the Batman" as a mysterious, possibly supernatural creature. Second, The Dark Knight has a bunch of truly bizarre directoral flaws that I just don't understand, and they happen often enough that it brings the momentum and impact of the film down for me. Like, stuff awkwardly happening off-camera all the time. (Watch more Japanese girls video on phim heo mới)

Batman Begins feels like an elevated superhero movie, especially with what we were used to getting in 2005. For the first time, Batman was more interesting than the villain, it seemed to take the world seriously, but not to the extent of being embarrased to make a comic book movie and Gotham felt incredibly stylized, yet realistic; kind of balancing realism with the Burton aesthetic.

The Dark Knight, however, feels much more interested in being a gritty crime drama a la Heat or The French Connection. Batman is almost an after thought and could almost be replaced by a Gene Hackman's Popeye Doyle with very few changes.

The Dark Knight is great, but as a superhero movie, I think Batman Begins is far more succesful.
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