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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Here it is the first issue.

Note : originally first issue was going to be sandman vs Spidey but since it was taking too many pages I decided 1st = origin and wrestling , 2nd will be more origin plus Sandman!

Anyway enjoy



Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
I'm glad people seem to be enjoying this. or at least the "Toasty" part :lol: second vol wont be up for at least 1-2 weeks as I'm still working on it


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Issue 3 is currently been worked on , Here is what I can tell you for anyone intrested.

  • The villain = Shocker :lol: Wait till you read how he is.
  • Spider-man's identity is revealed to someone!
  • Peter has lost his job with Dr Conners.
    Gwen and Peter's relationship takes an unexpected turn

In case you wondering why shocker? I have made a decision NO Goblins until later (When Peter and Gwen are together for a couple of comics ....... I wonder why:twisted: ) NO Venom until the issues hit at least double digits.

but I was mainly plaining out the look of some villains resonatly , I want your opinions on theses villains I.E do they look good or funny or both, or not.





Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
I hate doing this but is anyone actually reading this? I ask as no one seems to have replied which is cool you can't expect everyone to reply but I just want wanted to know so I know things like :

  • what parts you like?
  • What elements you don't like so I can try and improve it?
  • What or who would like to see in it soon?
  • Do people actually like it or am I wasting my time?


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Been planing out the next one and I decided there is no way of doing it with the story I wanted unless it's split up

So Halloween I'll post part 1 of 4 making up the Green Goblin arc (also the first real arc for this series) hopefully you guys will enjoy it as (and I hate saying this as most comics say this) but at the end of this arc the Awsome Spidey world will be changed forever!

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