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Sep 12, 2020
I enjoy people getting impaled with a magic sword or having holes burned through their head with heat vision as much as anyone, trust me. But, it's not always the best stuff to give to a child (or so I'm told). So, with that in mind, what would you say are probably the best comics for kids to read?

And when I say "best", I mean both appropriate and actually good. I have a short list that I created after going through my own collection, and I think I've got a pretty well-rounded selection here, but I would like to get additional feedback and suggestions as well.

[Top 10] Comic Books for Kids


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Jun 21, 2022
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Seldes Katne

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Nov 8, 2004
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I'm still old-fashioned enough to read most comics in hard copy, but some of these might also be available in digital. As always, reading choice depends on the child's interests and sensitivity levels. Some general suggestions:

Dogman series, by Dav Pilkey
Babymouse series, by Jennifer L. Holm
Amulet series, by Kazu Kibuishi
Class Act and New Kid, by Jerry Craft
Raina Telemeiger GNs such as Guts, Drama, Smile, etc.
Jeff Smith's Bone GN(s)
Big Nate series, by Lincoln Peirce
The Courageous Princess trilogy by Rod Espinosa

There are several kid-friendly versions of Star Wars stories, Marvel and DC superhero GNs, and graphic adaptations of classics (Sherlock Holmes, Jules Verne, Swiss Family Robinson, etc.) You might want to stop by your local library and ask in the Children's area what's available.

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