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Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Dark horse comics

may140028 abe sapien #14 $3.50
mar140084 abe sapien tp vol 04 shape things to come $19.99
mar140075 chronicles of conan tp vol 27 sands upon earth $19.99
mar140094 doctor solar archives tp vol 03 $19.99
may140034 eerie comics #5 $3.99
may140085 star wars #19 2013 ongoing $2.99
mar140088 strain hc vol 01 $29.99
mar140034 terminator enemy of my enemy #4 $3.99
may140081 terminator salvation final battle #7 $3.99
may140055 usagi yojimbo color special artist one-shot $3.99
may140065 x #15 (mr) $2.99

dc comics

apr140289 american vampire second cycle #4 (mr) $2.99
apr140292 animal man tp vol 06 flesh and blood (mr) $24.99
may140249 batgirl #33 $2.99
apr140276 batman bruce wayne fugitive tp new ed $29.99
may140226 batman eternal #14 $2.99
may140253 birds of prey #33 $2.99
may140399 coffin hill #9 (mr) $2.99
may140202 constantine #16 $2.99
may140240 detective comics #33 $3.99
may140243 detective comics #33 combo pack $4.99
may140404 fbp federal bureau of physics #12 (mr) $2.99
may140156 grayson #1 $2.99
may140261 green lantern corps #33 (uprising) $2.99
may140197 infinity man and the forever people #2 $2.99
may140355 injustice gods among us year two #7 $2.99
apr140266 justice league of america tp vol 01 dangerous (n52) $16.99
may140169 justice league united #3 $3.99
may140172 justice league united #3 combo pack $4.99
may140182 new 52 futures end #10 (weekly) $2.99
may140162 new suicide squad #1 $2.99
apr140258 nightwing tp vol 04 second city (n52) $14.99
may140406 royals masters of war #6 (mr) $2.99
may140390 scooby doo where are you #47 $2.99
may140360 smallville season 11 lantern #4 $3.99
may140223 superboy #33 $2.99
may140216 superman wonder woman #10 $3.99
may140218 superman wonder woman #10 combo pack $4.99
apr140261 talon tp vol 02 the fall of the owls (n52) $19.99
may140203 worlds finest #25 $2.99

dc comics/dc collectibles

dec130367 dc comics super heroes green arrow bust $49.95

idw publishing

may140494 angry birds comics #2 $3.99
oct130380 black dynamite #3 $3.99
may140469 gi joe a real american hero #204 $3.99
apr140383 judge dredd #20 $3.99
apr140448 knuckleheads fist contact tp $19.99
may140451 maxx maxximized #9 $3.99
apr140424 star slammers remastered #4 $3.99
may140509 star trek ongoing #35 $3.99
may140504 tmnt micro series tp vol 01 new ptg $17.99
may140503 tmnt ongoing tp vol 01 change is constant new ptg $17.99
mar142378 transformers micro comic fun pack dsp $2.99
may140463 transformers more than meets eye #31 dawn o/t autobots $3.99

image comics

may140693 68 rule of war #4 cvr a jones (mr) $3.99
may140694 68 rule of war #4 cvr b rossmo (mr) $3.99
may140575 death vigil #1 $3.99
may140706 ghosted #11 (mr) $2.99
mar140576 great pacific #16 cvr a morazzo (mr) $2.99
mar140577 great pacific #16 cvr b wilson iii (mr) $2.99
may140722 red city #2 $2.99
apr140592 rise o/t magi #1 silvestri sgn set $29.99
apr140590 rise o/t magi #2 cvr a kesgin $3.50
apr140591 rise o/t magi #2 cvr b silvestri $3.50
may140639 rocket girl tp vol 01 times squared $9.99
may140685 sex criminals sexual gary t/s lg men $19.99
may140690 sex criminals sexual gary t/s lg women $19.99
may140684 sex criminals sexual gary t/s med men $19.99
may140689 sex criminals sexual gary t/s med women $19.99
may140683 sex criminals sexual gary t/s sm men $19.99
may140688 sex criminals sexual gary t/s sm women $19.99
may140686 sex criminals sexual gary t/s xl men $19.99
may140691 sex criminals sexual gary t/s xl women $19.99
may140687 sex criminals sexual gary t/s xxl men $21.99
may140692 sex criminals sexual gary t/s xxl women $21.99
may140729 shutter #4 (mr) $3.50
may140733 spawn #245 $2.99
may140579 spread #1 (mr) $3.50
may140744 walking dead #129 (mr) $2.99

marvel comics

may140813 100th anniversary special #1 spider-man $3.99
may140787 all new invaders #7 sin $3.99
may140879 all new x-men #29 $3.99
may140835 amazing spider-man #1.3 $3.99
may140895 amazing x-men #9 $3.99
may140784 avengers #32 sin $3.99
may140825 avengers undercover #7 $2.99
may140844 captain marvel #5 $3.99
may140847 daredevil #5 $3.99
may140850 deadly hands of kung fu #3 $3.99
may140788 deadpool #31 sin $3.99
may140889 deadpool draculas gauntlet #1 $3.99
may140781 fantastic four #7 sin $3.99
apr140788 guardians of galaxy by jim valentino tp vol 02 $34.99
may140861 marvel universe avengers assemble #10 syu $2.99
apr140762 marvels agents of shield declassified slipcase hc $49.99
apr140789 mu guardians of galaxy cosmic team up digest tp $9.99
may140905 nightcrawler #4 $3.99
may140772 original sin #5.1 $3.99
may140779 original sins #3 $3.99
may140807 spider-man 2099 #1 anmn $3.99
apr140784 star lord tp guardians of galaxy $34.99
mar140695 superior foes of spider-man #13 $3.99
may140915 united states of murder inc #3 (mr) $3.99
apr140688 winter soldier bitter march #5 $3.99
may140906 wolverine #10 $3.99
may140912 x-force #7 $3.99
apr140781 x-men tp battle of atom $34.99

comics & graphic novels

may141708 07 ghost gn vol 11 $9.99
may141185 adv time banana guard academy #1 main cvrs $3.99
jan141327 ai presents weirding willows hc vol 01 $19.99
apr140850 archie #657 reg cvr $2.99
apr148537 armor hunters #1 2nd ptg $3.99
may141639 armor hunters #2 cvr a braithwaite (ah) $3.99
apr141349 arpeggio of blue steel gn vol 01 (mr) $12.99
apr141345 atomic robo knights of golden circle #2 $3.50
apr148471 bad ass #4 haeser mutie homage cvr (mr) $3.99
apr141346 bad dreams #3 $3.50
may141245 barbarian lord gn $17.99
may141372 bensons cuckoos gn (mr) $19.95
apr140853 betty & veronica comics annual #224 $5.99
may141302 blood queen #2 cvr a anacleto (mr) $3.99
may141303 blood queen #2 cvr b garza (mr) $3.99
may141370 blue sheep reverie gn vol 06 (mr) $12.95
feb141311 buck rogers comp murphy anderson sundays 1958-59 hc $40.00
may141075 caliban #4 dark matter cvr (mr) $9.99
may141691 case closed gn vol 51 $9.99
apr148469 chaos #2 syaf 2nd ptg $3.99
may140986 charlie brown pow tp $9.99
may141260 chastity #1 blank authentix cvr $3.99
may141258 chastity #1 lupacchino $3.99
may141109 crossed badlands #50 mistress cvr (mr) $5.99
may141687 d gray man 3in1 tp vol 04 $14.99
may141700 demon love spell gn vol 06 $9.99
may141395 df amazing spider man #1 dodson cvr lee sgn $699.99
may141384 df amazing spider man v3 #1 midtown campbell color $27.99
apr141191 df dejah of mars #2 df exc cvr $29.99
jan141176 df star wars lucas draft #0 silver mayhew sgn $69.99
jan141178 df star wars lucas draft #1 midtown silver sgn $69.99
may141533 disney fairies gn vol 15 secret wings $7.99
apr141156 doc savage #7 ross cvr $3.99
may141138 empty man #2 $3.99
may141454 essential dykes to watch out for hc (mr) $25.00
may141667 flowers of evil gn vol 10 (mr) $10.95
may141525 foster gn (mr) $12.99
may141704 fullmetal alchemist 3in1 tp vol 08 $14.99
may141071 george rr martin skin trade tp (mr) $14.99
may141776 gft age of darkness tp vol 01 $15.99
may141738 gft giant size 2014 a cvr rei (aofd) $5.99
may141739 gft giant size 2014 b cvr qualano (aofd) $5.99
may141740 gft giant size 2014 c cvr krome (aofd) $5.99
may141741 gft grimm fairy tales #99 a cvr artgerm (aofd) (mr) $2.99
may141742 gft grimm fairy tales #99 b cvr laiso (aofd) (mr) $2.99
may141743 gft grimm fairy tales #99 c cvr metcalf (aofd) (mr) $2.99
may141744 gft grimm fairy tales #99 d cvr mychaels (aofd) (mr) $2.99
may141745 gft grimm fairy tales #99 e cvr caldwell (aofd) (mr) $2.99
may141734 gft realm knights age of darkness a cvr kitson $5.99
may141735 gft realm knights age of darkness b cvr lam $5.99
may141736 gft realm knights age of darkness c cvr valentino $5.99
may141737 gft realm knights age of darkness d cvr cafaro $5.99
may141759 gft robyn hood legend #5 a cvr malsuni $2.99
may141760 gft robyn hood legend #5 b cvr triano $2.99
may141761 gft robyn hood legend #5 c cvr ehnot $2.99
may141769 gft swimsuit special 2014 a cvr cucca $4.99
may141770 gft swimsuit special 2014 b cvr hammond $4.99
may141771 gft swimsuit special 2014 c cvr white $4.99
mar140805 ghost wolf #3 $3.99
may141108 god is dead #7 athena cvr (mr) $5.99
mar140795 golden age greats spotlight vol 15 $29.95
apr141353 haganai i dont have many friends more fail gn (mr) $12.99
mar141422 harbinger wars dlx hc vol 01 $39.99
apr141347 haunted #3 $3.50
may141492 hilda & bird parade gn $24.00
may141489 hilda & black hound gn $24.00
may141491 hilda & midnight giant gn $24.00
may141490 hilda & troll gn $18.95
may141061 hope larson mercury gn new ptg $12.99
may141820 how to survive sharknado & other unnatural disasters $14.99
may141836 jules vernes 20000 leagues under the sea gn sale book $9.95
may141369 kinokoinu mushroom pup gn vol 01 $12.95
apr141282 legend of bold riley #2 $4.99
may141495 life after #1 cvr a pitarra (mr) $3.99
mar148218 life after #1 cvr b gabo (mr) $3.99
apr140889 lola xoxo #3 direct market cvr a $3.99
apr140890 lola xoxo #3 direct market cvr b $3.99
may141177 lumberjanes #4 $3.99
apr140823 magic whistle #14 (mr) $4.99
may141278 magnus robot fighter #0 $3.99
may141319 magnus robot fighter #5 $3.99
may141693 midnight secretary gn vol 06 (mr) $9.99
may141373 moomin complete lars jansson comic strip hc vol 09 $19.95
may141692 my love story gn vol 01 $9.99
may141535 nancy drew diaries gn vol 02 $9.99
may141685 naruto gn vol 66 $9.99
nov131219 neozoic traders gambit #4 $3.50
apr148470 new vampirella #1 dodson b&w 2nd ptg $3.99
may141688 nisekoi false love gn vol 04 $9.99
may141453 not the israel my parents promised me tp $16.00
may141343 pathfinder city secrets #3 exc subscription cvr $4.99
may141341 pathfinder city secrets #3 main genzoman $4.99
may141344 pathfinder city secrets #3 ultra ltd cummings cvr $19.99
mar141214 phantom comp series hc charlton years vol 03 $49.99
may141699 phantom thief jeanne gn vol 03 $10.99
may141543 pokemon adv black & white gn vol 04 $9.99
may141542 pokemon adventures gn vol 23 firered leafgreen $9.99
apr148446 rai #1 3rd ptg $3.99
apr148538 rai #2 2nd ptg $3.99
may141655 rai #3 cvr a allen (vf) $3.99
may141656 rai #3 cvr b crain (vf) $3.99
may141689 ranma 1/2 2in1 tp vol 03 $14.99
may141621 ringworld gn part 1 $15.99
may141690 rin-ne gn vol 15 $9.99
may141622 robert jordan eye of the world hc vol 05 $24.99
apr141164 robotech voltron #4 $3.99
apr141354 sacred blacksmith gn vol 05 (mr) $13.99
may141471 seven deadly sins gn vol 03 $10.99
may141472 sherlock bones gn vol 06 $10.99
may141623 sherwood tx #1 reg robinson $1.00
may141128 simpsons comics colossal compendium tp vol 02 $17.99
may141702 skip beat 3in1 tp vol 08 $14.99
may141581 sparks gn (mr) $19.99
may141130 spongebob comics #34 $2.99
may141701 sweet rein gn vol 03 $9.99
may141139 thomas alsop #2 $3.99
may141315 turok dinosaur hunter #6 sears $3.99
may141106 uber #10 britains finest cvr (mr) $5.99
may141107 uber #11 war crimes cvr (mr) $5.99
may141105 uber special #1 grim reaper cvr (mr) $9.99
may141658 unity tp vol 02 trapped by webnet $14.99
may141473 uq holder gn vol 02 $10.99
may141562 us hondo city justice tp (mr) $19.99
may141281 warlord of mars #0 (mr) $3.99
apr141283 waste of time #1 (mr) $4.99
may141503 wasteland #56 (mr) $3.99
may141686 yu gi oh zexal gn vol 05 $9.99


mar141622 brickjournal #29 $8.95
may141881 cereal geek magazine #14 $17.00
may141861 comic shop news #1412 pi
may141869 famous monsters of filmland #266 wicked witch cover $9.99
dec131462 fangoria #334 $10.99


may141822 brick city flexibound $19.99
may141823 brick wonders flexibound $19.99
apr141551 brief guide to superheroes from superman to avengers sc $13.95
apr141568 cg scenes from sketch to finish sc $35.00
apr141580 doc savage double novel vol 75 green death $14.95
may141794 gothic in comics & graphic novels sc $40.00
may141795 it happens at comic-con sc $35.00
apr141578 neil gaiman chus first day of school hc $17.99
mar141576 nick carter double novel #3 $14.95
apr141572 outer limits filmgoers gt great sf films sc $19.50
may140988 pearls before swine croc ate my homework tp $9.99
apr141573 rise of pota & dawn of pota art of films hc $34.95
may141783 robert crumb sketchbooks 1964-1982 6 vol set (mr) $1,000.00
may141833 shadow double novel annual vol 01 crime crypt $14.95
may141834 shadow double novel vol 09 $12.95
may141792 star trek toys by playmates unauth handbook $29.95
mar141547 tmnt ult visual hist hc $50.00
apr142361 warhammer 40k lords of mars sc $14.00
apr142362 warhammer 40k master of sanctity sc $14.00
mar142397 warhammer orion council of beasts sc $14.00
apr141583 william shakespeare jedi doth return hc $14.95


may142908 24 exposures dvd (mr) $24.98
may142498 24 jack bauer ctu badge prop replica $49.99
mar141904 adventure time map of ooo lt blue t/s xl $16.99
may142370 avengers super hero mashers 6in af 201403 $11.99
feb142360 bakemonogatari suruga kanbaru nendoroid $54.99
dec132153 batman 1966 bendable figure 24pc pi
dec132154 batman 1966 keychain 48pc pi
may142847 batman brave and the bold comp first sea $26.99
may142911 bigfoot vs db cooper dvd $14.98
feb141683 bowman 2014 football t/c box $11.99
feb141682 bowman 2014 inception baseball t/c box $99.99
may142927 breaking bad ost lp vol 01 $27.98
may142486 bsg viper mkvii assembled model kit $59.99
apr141621 btvs buffy comic art 2015 wall calendar $14.99
may142889 can dialectics break bricks dvd $12.95
may142371 captain america super soldier gear af 201403 $10.99
may142878 cats eye dvd sea 01 $59.99
may142859 certain scientific railgun dvd sea 02 pt 1 $59.98
may141895 continuum season 1 & 2 t/c box $3.50
may142304 count calorie vinyl fig $60.00
may142924 dawn imagined cd $14.99
jun142488 dc heroes 4in pvc figure 3pk set b 6pc cs pi
may142896 death spa bd + dvd (mr) $34.98
mar142475 disco exorcist vhs + dvd (mr) $29.95
apr142283 disney traditions cinderella carved by heart $85.00
mar142180 doctor who 4in adipose plush clip-on $12.99
may142570 doctor who bow ties are cool wristband $7.99
feb141609 doctor who comp chron war end all wars audio cd $14.99
may142557 doctor who dont blink back lg tote bag $13.99
may142574 doctor who exterminate wristband $7.99
may142578 doctor who fig coll #17 4th doctor $20.00
may142579 doctor who fig coll #18 judoon $20.00
may142580 doctor who fig coll #19 dalek dead planet $20.00
may142581 doctor who fig coll #20 sycorax $20.00
may142556 doctor who i am dalek lg tote bag $13.99
may142568 doctor who i heart heart the dr wristband $7.99
may142566 doctor who lanyard bow ties are cool w/charm $9.99
may142565 doctor who lanyard timey wimey w/charm $9.99
may142567 doctor who lanyard van gogh tardis w/charm $9.99
may142583 doctor who sonic screwdriver pizza cutter $33.99
may142569 doctor who van gogh tardis wristband $7.99
apr141897 essential npc t/s blk med $18.99
may142693 fabrikations batman soft sculpt plush fig $19.99
may142694 fabrikations harley quinn soft sculpt plush fig $19.99
may142696 fabrikations yoda soft sculpt plush fig $19.99
may141925 firefly blue sun px charcoal tank lg $20.99
may141924 firefly blue sun px charcoal tank med $20.99
may141923 firefly blue sun px charcoal tank sm $20.99
may141926 firefly blue sun px charcoal tank xl $20.99
may141927 firefly blue sun px charcoal tank xxl $23.99
may142323 furby furblings figure 201401 $15.99
may142292 futurama talking bender figure $25.00
may142522 godzilla 15in plush new design $49.99
may142760 godzilla 2014 144pc button pi
may142327 guardians o/t galaxy af 2-pack 201401 $7.99
may142328 guardians o/t galaxy battle fx star lord af cs $23.99
may142331 guardians o/t galaxy pursuit spacecraft 201401 $17.99
may142334 guardians o/t galaxy rapid revealers af 201401 $10.99
may142333 guardians o/t galaxy rocket raccoon action mask cs $23.99
may142332 guardians o/t galaxy role play set cs $17.99
may142335 guardians o/t galaxy star lord quad blaster cs $23.99
apr141895 i heart my geek qr code jrs t/s xl $22.99
may142850 is the man who is tall happy dvd $24.98
apr141982 jay & silent bob nails zippo lighter $29.95
may142845 justice league strategy game $59.99
may142868 karneval comp ser bd + dvd ltd ed $69.98
may142458 knex mario kart 7 piranha plant slide track set $59.99
may142290 knex pac-man ghostly adv maze #1 $14.99
may142289 knex pac-man ghostly adv mystery figs ser 1 bmb dis $5.99
may142459 knex super mario 3d ghost house building set $64.99
may142460 knex super mario 3d prongo building set $34.99
may142747 ladies of marvel 144pc button pi
may142319 laugh now 6in vinyl fig diy ver $20.00
may142871 leviathan comp dvd $49.98
may142900 life aquatic with steve zissou criterion coll bd $39.95
may142901 life aquatic with steve zissou criterion coll dvd $14.99
may142296 lincoln logs class ed frontier cabin building set $39.99
mar142406 lord rings lcg dunland trap adv pack $14.95
sep132087 man of steel superman ahv $114.99
may142320 mega android vinyl fig diy ver $65.00
may142419 mlp equestria girls doll 201402 $13.99
may142724 my little pony octavia vinyl fig $14.99
may142723 my little pony spitfire vinyl fig $14.99
feb142371 peanuts charlie brown vcd vintage ver $89.99
feb142373 peanuts linus vcd vintage ver $89.99
feb142370 peanuts snoopy vcd vintage ver $89.99
may142714 pop arrested dev banana stand michael vinyl fig $10.99
may142713 pop arrested dev good grief buster vinyl fig $10.99
may142719 pop arrested dev tobias funke vinyl fig 6pc inner pi
may142718 pop arrested development buster vinyl fig $10.99
may142716 pop arrested development george michael vinyl fig $10.99
may142715 pop arrested development george vinyl fig $10.99
may142717 pop arrested development gob vinyl fig $10.99
may142712 pop arrested development michael vinyl fig $10.99
apr142295 pop ghostbusters slimer vinyl fig $10.99
may142706 pop httyd astrid vinyl fig $10.99
may142707 pop httyd belch & barf vinyl fig $10.99
may142704 pop httyd hiccup vinyl fig $10.99
may142708 pop httyd hookfang vinyl fig $10.99
may142709 pop httyd stormfly vinyl fig $10.99
may142699 pop magic the gathering ajani vinyl fig $10.99
may142702 pop magic the gathering chandra vinyl fig $10.99
may142697 pop magic the gathering jace vinyl fig $10.99
may142700 pop magic the gathering liliana vinyl fig $10.99
may142701 pop magic the gathering nissa vinyl fig $10.99
may142721 pop maleficent aurora vinyl fig $10.99
may142720 pop maleficent maleficent vinyl fig $10.99
may142762 scalers series 2 figure $4.99
may142165 sons of anarchy hipster panty 3pk lg $23.99
may142161 sons of anarchy lace mesh cami panty set lg $27.99
may142157 sons of anarchy lace trim cami panty set lg $27.99
may142156 sons of anarchy lace trim cami panty set med $27.99
may142155 sons of anarchy lace trim cami panty set sm $27.99
may142160 sons of anarchy lace/mesh cami panty set med $27.99
may142159 sons of anarchy lace/mesh cami panty set sm $27.99
may142736 spider-man giant plush $71.50
may142373 spider-man infinite legends af 201402 $22.99
apr142344 st tng data build-a-bridge dlx bobblehead pi
apr142346 st tng dr crusher build-a-bridge dlx bobblehead pi
apr142343 st tng picard build-a-bridge dlx bobblehead pi
apr142345 st tng troi build-a-bridge dlx bobblehead pi
apr148347 star trek attack wing borg soong exp $14.99
apr148348 star trek attack wing dominion battle cruiser exp $14.99
apr148349 star trek attack wing federation uss enterprise 1701a exp $14.99
may141899 star trek tos portfolio prints t/c box $3.50
feb142531 star wars lcg join us or die force pack $14.95
apr142370 star wars x-wing minis e-wing exp pack $14.95
apr142371 star wars x-wing minis tie defender exp pack $14.95
apr142372 star wars x-wing minis tie phantom exp pack $14.95
apr142373 star wars x-wing minis z-95 headhunter exp pack $14.95
may142465 super mario bros flying squirrel luigi 9in plush $24.99
may142466 super mario bros flying squirrel mario 9in plush $24.99
may142469 super mario bros kitsune luigi 9in plush $23.99
may142467 super mario bros squirrel toad 8in blue plush $24.99
may142468 super mario bros squirrel toad 8in yellow plush $24.99
may142470 super mario bros tanooki mario 9in plush $24.99
may142761 supernatural 144pc button pi
nov132187 team fortress 2 robot heavy fig red ver $220.00
feb142074 tmnt 5in super deformed plush key chain dis pi
mar142060 tmnt movie 11-in af pi
mar142056 tmnt movie basic af pi
mar142057 tmnt movie basic roleplay pi
may142763 tmnt pocket pal talking keychain $7.99
may142448 transformers gen voyager af 201404 $23.99
may142452 uglydoll dc green lantern 11in plush $20.00
may142456 uglydoll origins 5in plush $15.00
mar141395 valiant first rai px white t/s sm $18.99
may142301 yucky children charmer vinyl fig $60.00


may141896 continuum season 1 & 2 t/c coll album pi
may141900 st tos portfolio prints t/c coll album pi


Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Batman Eternal #14
Detective Comics #33

Shutter #4

100th Anniversary Special #1 Spider-Man
All New X-Men #29
Amazing Spider-Man #1.3
Amazing X-Men #9
Avengers #32
Fantastic Four #7
Nightcrawler #4
Original Sin #5.1
Spider-Man 2099 #1
Wolverine #10

And from last week that I missed:

Southern Bastards #3
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Excelsior Club
Dark horse comics
may140085 star wars #19 2013 ongoing $2.99

dc comics
may140226 batman eternal #14 $2.99

idw publishing
oct130380 black dynamite #3 $3.99

image comics
may140744 walking dead #129 (mr) $2.99

marvel comics
may140784 avengers #32 sin $3.99 :rockon:
may140847 daredevil #5 $3.99
may140772 original sin #5.1 $3.99
may140807 spider-man 2099 #1 anmn $3.99
may140915 united states of murder inc #3 (mr) $3.99
apr140688 winter soldier bitter march #5 $3.99

:rockon: = My pulls. Just one this week.


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image comics

ghosted #11 - sweet, Ghosted's back!

marvel comics

all new x-men #29
daredevil #5
spider-man 2099 #1 - maybe
wolverine #10

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