DC The Demon


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Sep 7, 2023
At a charity auction I bought about 9 boxes (long white cardboard comic book storage boxes) from a gentleman who was part of the charity staff. The comic books start at #1 and continue on. I have had them in storage since I bought them.

They are DC 1192 Annual "The Demon - ECLIPSO The Darkness Within". I picked two out at random. First one is #1 and the other is #39. They all seem to be in order so the previous owner must have been a fan.

Is there any interest in "The Demon"?
Doesn't seem to be any interest in the Demon. I did a quick survey of the collection. 11 1/2 boxes with approx 100 individually plastic wrapped and sequentially numbered comic books per box. I don't think they are all l Demon comics but the vast majority are.

I'll check a couple of other sites and maybe Ebay. If no interest they are off to recycling.

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